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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Needs Vanilla Ice Cream

baked by me and pic by me

Cranberry Apple Pie Here's the recipe

More Moon Shots

taken by me

First Thing this Morning Still Shooting the Moon Setting Moon Almost Gone

I Cloned Cory

photos by me and cloning by me, too

The Many Sides of Cory The Many Sides of Cory (Version 2)

Since this was my first attempt at cloning, there were several mistakes in the first image, so I had to fix it, of course.


taken by me
Oh, Sourdough!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Walking in the Snow

taken by me
Snow Covered Green & White Snow on the Trees Curve Ahead Winter Trees Another Curve in the Road South & Pleasant Beginning to Shine Three Trees Red & White

Fun with a Webcam

Webcam Fun

A Snowy Drive

taken by me (I wasn't driving)
It's Stopped ... for now It's Snowing Again

a Doily

Made by my Aunt Beth, pics taken by me
A Doily from my Aunt Beth A Doily from my Aunt Beth A Doily from my Aunt Beth


taken by me
Looking for Flakes SnowFlakes

Turkey Lo Mein

prepared and taken by me
Carrots & Onions Dinner!
Turkey Lo Mein for dinner.

Winter's Back

taken by me
It's Back Blue & White At Least the Streets are Clear

Clouds Roll By

I've been playing over at tabblo

Clouds roll by...
Come see the original at tabblo.com!

Waning Moon

me, shooting the moon again
Waning Moon

Morning Again

taken by me
Sunrise, Again


taken by me
Sunset January 9 Sunset January 9


taken by me
Sunrise January 9 Aglow